Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Jon Stelling


Jon Stelling graduated in January 2020 with his Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Sciences from Lehigh University. He is currently working as a postdoc at the Marcell Experimental Forest on a collaborative project with Toner’s lab group and the U.S. Forest Service. His research is focused on understanding water budgets and associated hydrologic processes in peatlands using water stable isotopes (H & O) and water table fluctuation analysis.

Jon Stelling

Dr. Rose Jones


Rose is interested in the interplay between chemlithotrophic microbes and their environment, particularly in extreme conditions where the behavior of both can be different from more mesophilic conditions. She earned her Ph.D. at Bangor University under Prof. Barrie Johnson, working on bioremediation options for local acid mine drainage sites. This was followed by a postdoc at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science with Dr. Beth Orcutt, developing bioelectrochemical methods to enrich for rock-hosted microbes in a cool, oxic deep marine environment.

Rose Jones